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In Gastronomía Patagonia we do our work with love, in the following lines of action:


- We market rural food products, farmers and the coastal edge of Patagonia, in a sustainable gastronomic tourism context. We integrate them into hotels, restaurants, casinos, menus for caterers and neighborhood businesses.


- We design and operate gastronomic tourism routes with sustainable identity in Chilean Patagonia Argentina.


- We deliver effective communication tools, economic empowerment, promotion and production of events in gastronomic tourism and tourism of special interests.


- We advise on gastronomic tourism (Food Tourism) and tourism of special interests. We identify talent and entrepreneurial potentials that link culture, food, drink and hospitality with identity, and prepare them to become service providers associated with sustainable gastronomic tourism routes.


- We produce documentaries, programs, social media campaigns and live broadcasts for tourism and gastronomy initiatives. We design personalized communication platforms and tools, so that our clients can make their products and services known with high impact and low cost, highlighting the attributes of their brand as a competitive advantage.


- We build the stories of the tourism routes and train the actors of this chain to have the same discourse before their clients, communicating effectively.


- We conduct and produce tourism and gastronomy events with ceremonial application (protocol).


- We organize and participate in fam press and fam trips to know and promote tourism routes.


- We link with our network of national and international contacts related to tourism, gastronomic tourism, gastronomy and economic empowerment through tourism, to train, train and transform positively the producers of our network, the companies of the chain of tourist value and our customers, turning them into key players in changing their territory, strengthening their business, sustainability and visibility of the destination.


- We work in partnership with national and international tourism institutions, to economically empower women entrepreneurs in tourism and gastronomy, as a result of the Sustainable Development Goals SDO, of the UN 2030 Agenda.


- We are editorial of printed and digital publications for tourism, gastronomy and port maritime issues linked to the sustainable development of the coastal area of ​​the southern region, where the latter activity connects geographically, humanely, economically and touristically the southernmost regions of Chile.