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We are Jorge Solís Appelgren and Dalma Díaz Pinto, founders of Gastronomía Patagonia.


When we visited Chilean Patagonia more than twenty years ago for the first time, we fell in love with it for its pristine beauty, healthy and tasty food and the warmth of its people.


Since then we travel the territory. We generate opportunities and develop talent; we represent a commercial network of food producers from rural sectors, farmers and the coastal edge of Patagonia, placing their products in hotels, restaurants, casinos, businesses and direct sales also to the public, which allows us to support them to move their economy by highlighting the human aspect of history and the traditions behind each food, its cultivation and its preparation. Each product is therefore a tourist vehicle that converts whoever buys it into a traveler who learns and takes with him, a part of the Patagonia destination, its magic and its culture.


Our tourist routes, constitute a magical trip and close to the rural world, Mapuche huilliche, of the settlers and immigrants whose mixture through the kitchen, they give us an exquisite gastronomic touristic experience, possible to live in groups, sharing with the same producers as Hosts and learn with them the cultural sacredness put into the kitchen, just as you live in Patagonia.


We also deliver the tools of communication, economic empowerment, digital marketing, promotion and production of tourism and gastronomy events, with a customized design to solve the problems and gaps that the service providers, entrepreneurs and organizations of this value chain may require


We do our work accordingly with the Sustainable Development Goals born of the UN 2030 Agenda, about which you can learn more by reading here.