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More than ten years ago, we arrived in Patagonia. We fell in love with it, with its pristine nature, with the richness of its food and drinks, and with the local history that her people share with cordiality.

Enchanted with this paradise and the strength of its inhabitants, we are here contributing; becoming the first company dedicated to food tourism in Chile, which acts as a bridge so that food and drinks from the rural and coastal areas that are part of Patagonia reach the community, travelers and people who value the traditions that allow that through the flavor and the aromas that give us the foods that bless this wonderful territory, they become the identity and sustainable axis, of a unique and pleasantly memorable tourist experience.

Every time you buy a food, handicraft and cosmetic product from the providers of our network, who pay to live our community food tourism routes and who support our initiatives, you are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda of the UN where Chile is an active part, become a reality to reduce the poverty and deficiencies that exist in the rural sectors of Patagonia.

Join with your purchase so that the entrepreneurs of our network have more and better opportunities selling their products, moving the local economy of their Patagonian territory while they occupy the place they have always had, as the best ambassadors of this destination. to take with you, super foods with history and identity. Natural, healthy, fresh and made with love and pride, in pristine Patagonia.

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Documentary trip Erik Wolf, executive director of #WFTA for Northern Patagonia with #GastronomiaPatagonia

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